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Name and format: Black Latakia – Back in Black line (Azhad’s Elixirs) – concentrated flavour 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 04-2020

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100W + Vandy Vape Berserker RTA single coil 0,85 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 awg – 0,32 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

I remember so well the Azhad little old store in that alley at the end of the street. Inside, the dim light jealously guarded the mysterious charm of his creations. Who was Azhad? Alchemist or sorcerer? What secrets hid in his cave? What did his potions contain that, immersed in that strange device, turned into white steam with an intense smell of tobacco? Pure alchemy or ritual of dark magic daughter of the underworld? Imagine yourself a few centuries ago … the dawn of vape … Think if it all started, for example, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century; our beloved Azhad would probably have been a well-known alchemist, who was preparing his concoctions by untangling himself among the dozens of ampoules and test tubes from his old shop.

Azhad at the time Andrea Colaianni is a historical figure in the panorama of Italian vaping. He is credited with having the undisputed merit of having made known to our country the existence of the kingdom of the extracted tobaccos, creating in fact an industry niche dedicated exclusively to that type of production. A niche that in Italy has gradually consolidated over time, to make us the best ever. No one can deny the fact that Italy is the No. 1 country in the world in the production of e-liquids extracted from natural tobacco. Does it seem cheap?

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We have also been in the mysterious cave of Azhad and we have had the honor and the burden of receiving a preview of its new line of concentrated flavors: Back in Black.

“Well, I’m back in black – Yes, I’m back in black” the AC/DC sang … so Azhad returns with a new line and gets dressed in black. Yes Azhad returns to black and makes a real treat for all dark tobacco e-liquids fans.

Black Latakia, Black 99%, Black Caribbean and Black Mamba are four aromas under the common denominator of tobacco Latakia. Are you ready to discover them with us? Follow us because only on The Flavourist you can read the very first impressions regarding the Back in Black line.

Let’s start our journey with Black Latakia, of which at the moment there is not yet an official description, but we can anticipate that …

… It is a blend of different types of Latakia tobacco.

Black Latakia will be offered in a 20 ml concentrated aroma format in a 60 ml bottle. It will therefore be diluted by adding a 40 ml neutral base.

Black Latakia is proof of misunderstandings: Latakia to the nth degree. The bottle strongly releases the strong, tenacious and smoky notes typical of this tobacco.

The aroma, even after its dilution, appears to be a dark brown color, a characteristic that contributes to cement the idea of a powerful tobacco extracted through a long and meticulous craft process. A handcrafted liquid we would say, to use a term dear to the Americans, even if we know that it is not.

latakia bag

Yet in observing that coloration so murky, it transpires a sense of genuine, refined craftsmanship, which joins the strong doubt that a lot of organic matter remained within the e-liquid. How will its behavior with the coil and the cotton of our atom be consequently? Do not be in a hurry we are going to verify it.

I decided to entrust my review of Black Latakia to my Berserker RTA. It is an atomizer that I now know perfectly and that I use only and exclusively for extracted tobacco.

In vaporization Black Latakia exalts the characteristics intuited by the smell examination and is offered since the first puff, bold, direct and full of vigorous accents. Could it be different in the presence of a blend of different varieties of Latakia? All the distinctive traits that are recognized in the prince of the tobaccos, appear in this e-liquid.

Berserker MTL RTA

If in inspiration we find some slightly sweetish hints, in the central phase of the puff those same sweet notes, combine and blend with gradually more and more pungent and bitterish hints. The palate fills up, enjoying the full body of this tobacco; we perceive his rough woody notes, which slowly take the scene dragging me with impetuosity until exhalation.

From inhalation to exhalation, Black Latakia should be savored and tasted calmly and relaxed, making itself reach by the enveloping smoky sensation clearly perceptible in the last moments of the puff. In such a full and decisive frame, the spicy nuances, another emblematic note of Syrian tobacco, are struggling a bit to emerge.

latakia bag02

The balance that governs the whole blend unfolds around the most energetic peculiarities of Latakia tobacco, and finds an excellent sweet-bitter balance in an overpowering and ashly structure. Warm and meditative.

Despite the aromatic load is anything but negligible, which is noticeable in the good aromatic persistence, Black Latakia appears relatively gentle with the coupled coil-cotton, thus ensuring an acceptable autonomy of vaping before the usual regenerative pit-stop.

Cyprian Latakia

Azhad the alchemist has packaged a blend of high quality Latakia, and with the skill and experience that distinguish him, he has transferred to his Black Latakia all the typical traits of this oriental fire cured tobacco. In my opinion, more emphasis has been given to the darker, smoky and woody notes, in spite of the incensed scents that instead appear timid and slightly subdued.

A note of particular merit, I feel I have to do to the manufacturer for having made quite clean, one of the less generous tobaccos with the life of the coils. The dark and turbid coloring does not deceive you because this mixture, with the same aromatic intensity with other competing brands, is certainly much more coil-friendly.

Oh do not go away because in the next review we will talk about Black 99%!

Recommended dilution: About 33% = add 40 ml of neutral base inside the bottle containing the aroma.

Steeping time: Immediately ready.

ico 4

Pro: A high quality Latakia blend. A boon for strong extracted tobaccos lovers.

Cons: The incense shades are a little shy.