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Coumarin Pie is a tobacco aroma produced by one of the first and most popular producers of concentrated aromas in the US.

The coumarin is (for those who don’t know) an organic chemical compound present in nature and it has a sugary smell; it triggers the sweet smell of freshly-cut grass. Historically used for sweetening and enhancing the flavour of many tobaccos (especially pipe ones) it has been classified later on as “unsafe” for humans (toxic for animals) and dismissed from tobacco industry.

I deduce then that while crafting this aroma they haven’t used real coumarin, but some other aromatic compound able to reproduce the smell (vanilla perhaps?); the result is anyhow pleasing and we get a pseudo-tobacco, very soft and creamy, obviously sweet, pleasing to vape.

Recommended dilution: 15%

Steeping time: at least 5 days

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