Cuba Cigar by Inawera is hard to decipher. It is very important to let it steep for not less than 1à days otherwise it will get quite unpleasing.

After several checks I got to these conclusions: I feel the Cuba Cigar like a not too sweet RY4 on an ashy base (actually it feels more like a wet ash background).

Probably in this aroma Inawera used the same elements and/or molecules which can be found in its famous “Dirty” base which creates an ash base to enhance tobacco flavours.

The result for my tastebuds isn’t either great or bad maybe because I’m not a RY4 lover, this ashy base tends to dull sweet notes out and gives to this aroma the possibility to become an everyday vaping flavour.


Recommended dilution: 2%

Steeping time: at least 10 days



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