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E-liquid review: PBLS (Glas Vapor) 75 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 35 PG / 65 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Wismec Predator 228 w + Hobo 3.1 RDA single coil 0.4 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.5 mm) con Native Wicks Cotton.

Starting from today, another well-known US brand comes into the full-fledged array of brands of The Flavourist’s archive.

Glas Vapor from Los Angeles is from 2014 all over the world synonymous of high quality and refinement. In addition to being known for its e-liquids line, the company also deals with high-quality artisan production. We will review e-liquids as usual, but if we should have a precious Glas device in our hands, we will not miss the chance to tell it to the details.

The e-liquids we review today for you is PBLS:

Crisp, vanilla macaroon layers with fruit-infused cereal and sweetened, fresh milk – A rainbow of flavors.

The PBLS bottle and the whole line of Glas does not need any description or presentation: it just has to be contemplated and admired. It will be trivial but it is evident that his line reminds of a flush of an eau de parfum of the most precious and expensive. Only possessing it is a matter of prestige. However, we are not aware of certain news about the possible adaptation of Glas products to the European market. Let’s tell you something more in the coming reviews.

pbls glas

To the smell, a mild alcoholic background does not prevent the perception of generic fruity notes with a slight dominant citrus fruit. An indeterminable fruity mix except made for the citrus-like component (almost certainly lemon) that goes to a slightly creamy base. The general feeling is that of a liquid with fresh and soft features. The aromatic load appears to be medium-high and its structure, although it does not have unpublished scents, gives a pleasant and delicate sensation.

For the vape test I have configured my Hobo RDA with a high resistance; considering its composition, I will test the e-juice around 40 watts.

The vaporization test reveals from the first puff the typical characteristics of a fluid called fruit cereal that has been spreading among lovers during the summer seasons. A kind of e-liquid is very widespread, but it is also very inflatable. The Flavourist has met several of them and in most cases the judgment was not flattering. Slight fluidity of liquids to reality, flavor’s artificiality and too high aromatic loads. And PBLS?

On a non-abused aromatic frame, the inspiration is a confused note of mixed and indecipherable fruit, accompanied by a light creamy finish that is likely to be approached with fresh milk. For a few moments, the fruity note is explicit and pertinent for its citrus, clearly lemon, unnatural and very similar to a lemon caramel. A type of aromatization already observed in other similar products that leaves on the palate the feeling of being caught with a multivitamin juice. A kind of aromatization that does not fascinate me for quality.

cereal milk recipe

The fruity component combines with aromatic elements that vaguely manage to return a sort of cereal perception, very bland but still present. Evidently the use of additives as a support to recreate this typical flavor: esenol, ethyl maltol and perhaps a pinch of acetyl pyrazine, will not escape to the hard vapers. The lemon flavored and softened in its acidity by the milk ingredient gives the liquid a freshness and a softness to make it a “summer” product.


The intersection between fruit mixed with lemon, milk and a (possibly) cereal base continues throughout the vaping phases, which denotes a good fragrance while remaining complex in color and perhaps somewhat monotonous. A simply pleasing liquid or a simple and pleasant liquid?

PBLS, however, compared to other liquids of the same kind, has the undeniable advantage of not being, and above all, not appearing to be too loaded from the aromatic point of view. Is it an advantage? As it may seem strange, especially the latest generation vapers, it is in this circumstance a symptom of intelligence from the manufacturer. So conceived PBLS maintains its composure that compensates for some aesthetic structural aromatics.

Balanced and discreet, it does not punch and does not bet on a sleeper with moderate devices even prolonged.

ico 2

Pro: Saved by a moderate aromatic load.

Cons: The cereal is timid and the fruit is not natural and indefinable.