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Some time ago Michael Twellmeyer in an interesting interview revealed that for the creation of Poolside, one of the most famous e-liquids in the European vaping scene, he got inspired by Rip Tide, from American blend Pink Spot Vapors.

Rip Tide is a fruity aroma presumably composed by five flavours, two of which are certainly strawberry and menthol.

The taste is the same as blue Double Bubble gumballs, which were popular decades ago. A totally innatural red fruits mix enriched by a good menthol dose.

I totally agree with Twellmeyer when he affirms that Rip Tide tastes like cough syrup, especially in the background.

In fact, Rip Tide, for how “vapable” it can be, is in my opinion a “pharmaceutical” flavour, quite outdated since it gets dramatically revealed by modern systems, much better in terms of performance than those on the market three years ago.

I personally wanted to try this aroma out for the sake of curiosity and see what inspired the creation of Poolside.

Luckily Michael Twellmeyer with his Poolside totally outshone his inspirator…

Recommended dilution: 3-6%

Steeping time: 4-5 days

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