Flavour concentrate Sibilla, which is having a true pineapple mimosa cake in a few concentrated drops.

The ingredients of this creamy flavour are simple and clear: sponge cake, crème anglaise, pineapple and a spark of liquor – in the original recipe Cointreau or Aurum, distillates made from oranges.

The fidelity to the product of this flavour concentrate by ToB, in my opinion, is high and all components are perceived during the vaping; however, I personally tasted a stronger duration of the alcoholic note and of pineapple, which moderately overshadows the creamy components in the mix.

Due to this unbalance, Sibilla is not suited for long vaping sessions, as the longer you vape it, the more the liquor flavour damps the other components, ending up by concealing almost completely the other tastes.

Suited for tastings, for short vaping sessions.

Recommended dilution: 9-10%

Steeping time: 7-10 gg

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