Flavour concentrated review:  1000 (Azhad’s Elixirs) 10ml

Batch: n.d.

Expiry date: n.d.

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Nicotine: 3 mg/ml

Devices: Steambox MkII 40 W+ Kayfun Mini v3  single coil 0.8 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 awg 0.32 mm) with japanese organic cotton Muji

When we talk about “English Mixture” we get into such a large and so complicated world that the slightest mistake or the bad understanding of what we’re going to explain will be a big mistake. It is by no means easy, the world of macerated tobaccos and extracts of tobacco are “so far away” that at times it is likely to fall into the trap of the visa and revisit a thousand times, and thus become trivial. Now as we all know what we are talking about, English Mixture, translated, always means a mixture of tobacco, and in this case Virginia, Oriental and Latakia, who in large numbers should make it a master, that is to be “well present” but not overpowering.

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I quote the Azhad’s Elixirs 1000 description:

It’s an English blend in the evening, very full and smoky, full of shades, the true taste of a pipe in your atomizer.

As usual, the first gesture we do, when we open a bottle of aroma or liquid ready, is sniffing the content … it’s automatic, pacing your nose and realising “stupidness” and that it’s a macerated one: leave some notes slightly smoked and wet, we will not hear anything, we smile and we put the cap back on. I want to repeat it every time, this is not a weakness…in fact, something we can perceive at the moment we have prepared the aroma with the base, and even there, we really have to have a good nose to hear the spicy notes of diaphanous incensed.

Now, you have to forgive me, but before you start the review, I must necessarily make a note on the Azhad’s Elixirs packaging and label.

It is real fact, we do not judge a book from the cover, but surely the cover does 70% of the work. The same goes for our beloved aromas and e-liquid. I do not mind the others in the same company, but please look at the label of the 1000 … a pipe at first glance, then slowly stands out, a smoky and grey London, obviously recognised by one of the symbols, the Tower Bridge and a part of the old South Bank dock. Well…if this is not a maniacal research and study, then I do not know how to define the genius.

In fact, it is something you carry, which puts you in motion a special mechanism in your head…the old London, the smoke, the fog and the drizzle characteristic of old Albion, and then comes to mind an old Bohemian who slowly fills the pipe cooker of its mix of tobacco tasted at the moment because once the English Mixture was bought fresh from the tobacconist…And it is immersed in that atmosphere, with a finger of cognac that I am going to do first shoots to this macerated. I loaded the tank just started writing the review, wet the cotton and the coil just settled, waiting, allowing all the time to pour liquid into the atomizer, exactly as it should be if it were real tobacco to burn in a Savinelli…

At the first, as a pipe smoker, reminds me of the Torben Dansk n.7, of which I was an appraiser and I bought the tossed on Liverpool Street from the famous tobacconist, who still sold it to grams prepared at the moment. As I mentioned earlier, compared to many other English Mixtures, Latakia is definitely balanced and is not the part of the master but it lets you discover … it’s almost like playing hide and seek between spices and aromas, rarely, during I have not squashed my eyes and gave a sip to the cognac: that’s what I call paradise when a tobacco re-energises sensory perceptions and it’s all a mix of sensations … the rainy, damp air fresh, the heat of tobacco on the palate and the spicy cognac on the tongue. Now, apart from this, the spice of this aroma is really fabulous, surely given by the type of Oriental used, and these of course are the secrets of Azhad, at the expense of almost smoking. In short, at the end of the show, the aromatic power of this 1000 if it is not excellent is really close to us. Obviously, to appreciate this aroma, it is necessary to have a minimum experience of REAL pipe tobacco, having been fighting for years with the stoves, with the right pressure of the tobacco and all that comes from it. In fact, I feel I give Azhad 1000’s full confidence, but…

Recommended dilution: 10%

Steeping time: min 15 gg

Pro: An English Mixture that will not make you regret the real blends of smoked tobacco.

Cons: BECAUSE Latakia had to be more accentuated for a more serious smell leaving the spice…and, by the way, this is not a true weakness.

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