Based on a light tobacco background, in this flavour concentrate is clearly perceived the predominant coconut taste and to a lesser extent the milk chocolate one; for my personal experience, these ingredients evoke old memories and bring to my mind the famous snack “Bounty”, the chocolate bar with coconut paste filling, very popular in the 80s.

On vaping the slightly buttery notes of Boba’s bounty relly reminds the taste of the well-known American snack and it did not disappoint with regard to the roundness of taste; the aroma is pleasant and even if it’s sweet, I don’t find it boring – as far as may personal taste is concerned, although I prefer dry, strong tobacco tastes, I can vape this flavour with satisfaction for a good half-day.

The only discordant or maybe conflicting note of this aroma, if we may found some, is that it’s presented as a tobacco flavour by the producer…

It’s true, maybe there is a light tobacco base and, maybe again, it is perceivable after having tasted several ml, but to be honest, without any information by the producer, I believe the tobacco base would have been unperceived for the most vapers, including myself.

In conclusion, my very personal opinion about Boba’s bounty is that it is a good flavour concentrate, provided that you forget it’s a tobacco one.

Recommended dilution: 5-7%

Steeping time: at least 3 days

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