E-liquid review: Crack Pie (Food Fighter Juice) 60 ml

Lotto: n.d.

Nico: 3 mg / ml

Declared base: 80% VG20% PG

Expiration Date: n.d.

Devices: RX200 + Griffin dual coil 0.20 ohms (SS316L 0.46mm 25 AWG) with Japanese organic cotton.


If they see so many in the vape world. Soppratutto in the field of e-liquid, ready-creamy, creative exercises seem sometimes be exceeded in fantasy. Yet time passes and these aromatic interpretations of classic recipes and more or less known, inevitably become discounted. They do not seem particularly surprised or ingolosirci. Today we will discover together the American Pie Crack the Food Fighter Juice.



So that liquid, such as often encountered, the packaging is completely devoid of useful information to have a certain traceability of the production lot. And ‘an absent expected date of expiration, tactile dot and certainty about the origin. We sense the manufacturer as in the side panel of the label is an instagram link (@Foodfighterjuice). We sense that it is of American origin from the classical and terse little phrase on the nicotine content imposed by the authorities of California. The child proof closure, for the record, is of poor quality. Those classic closures that work in fits and starts. Which is sometimes referred to block the safety system it is short, very fragile.

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One of the many descriptions of Crack Pie, not having a reference certoo manufacturer, describes it as:

A delicious graham cracker pie crust filled with salted caramel and decorated with a layer of powdered sugar.

To smell all this does not look exactly perceptible. Infuse would be impossible to outline the olfactory characteristics in a Crack Pie, we’ll find out later. I can tell you instead of the typical nuances of a sweet and creamy mixture influenced by subtle notes of acetyl pyrazine (pyrazine). Fleeting olfactory references to an effective graham cookie. Equally elusive, if not totally non-existent references to a salted caramel. Mild instead of dried fruit. An indefinable something that brings together the pyrazine and a loosely adhering fragrance by one anointed in powdered sugar. An uplifting scent. Do not be misled by the term “crust” used in the description. Although desirable, no olfactory note sets crust or toasted notes, unfortunately.

crack pie

The crack pie are really simple cakes, made with a base that exploits the crumbled graham cookies (honey biscuits and breakfast cereals) usually condensed with different types of butter. Precisely the use of graham cookie distinguishes them from the cheesecake which, besides having a totally different filling, using the classical digestive biscuits.

On vaping, the taste of Crack Pie Food Fighter Juice is not rich enough. The feeling is that of a svapare mischione of ingredients which, while giving pleasant sensations, have nothing to do with a real crack pie. We perceive fundamentally the dough and the lash of pyrazine, now hidden, now more obvious, overshadow the perceived aromatic enough to simulate a dessert in which the sugars, butter, everything is caramelized to make crazy the strongest glycemic rate. Yet the liquid is not a fresh ultra. It ‘s just pyrazine to support the aromatic scaffold mimicking of dried fruit does not really present in the recipe. Not to mention the frequent similarities with the cheese caused by using Pyrazine wrong. A scaffold fragile instill that fails to transfer a real feeling of quality where other brands, with ingredients such as graham cookie or salted caramel, have structured much more convincing and delicious recipes. 

Needless to mention the slight hint of cinnamon. Who are able to perceive it?

Anyone who would be able to reproduce the recipe with basic aromas. Anyone who would be able to do better even in the home. A stronger aromatic persistence and also, allow that, a fluffy more abundant. As is declared a formulation almost chasing cloud, this aspect is not surprising.



Inexcusable the poor quality of graham cookie and the total absence of accents and glazes harmonics in what should be the caramel, the mixture as a whole. Instill a crack pie is all in his mix. In this case it looks more likely Food Fighter Juice has focused too much simulate the caramelization of sugars and finishing, powdered sugar topping. Assonance return a taste of raw flour that tying with pyrazine seems to want to communicate something, not landing anything.

Coil? Suffer excess sugar and cotton is transformed into jam.

ico 2

Pro: It ‘a cheap product infuses than others.

Cons: Inconsistent and insignificant.