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E-liquid review: Dillinger (Villain Vapors) 60 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 56466 00609 (barcode)

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Aleadertech Funky 160 W + Vandy Vape Icon RDA dual coil 0,22 ohm (SS316L 24awg 0,50 mm) with Cotton Bacon v 2.0

A long ocean crossing and an exciting coast to coast have brought us back today in Southern California, in Norwalk a few kilometers from Los Angeles, where the guys of Villain Vapors meticulously create their “villain potions”. Sometime ago we talked about the only tobacco e-juice by Villain Vapors, Capone, today we will be intent on discovering the notes and the aromatic secrets of Dillinger.

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The classic Villain Vapors line explores the world of e-liquids through its more traditional and reassuring recipes; they are recipes that reveal timeless e-liquids that transcend seasonal trends and always meet the favors of the public. Dillinger is one of these recipes, a best seller that never goes out of fashion, a so-called tireless e-juice.

Here is the official description of Dillinger:

(Vanilla Custard, Ice Cream & Caramel). Your favorite vanilla ice cream with a perfect amount of sweet caramel drizzle.

The bottle in my possession is a typical 60ml unicorn bottle. Pleasant to the touch for the satin effect and of sure visual impact the product label, with an evident inspiration to the world of the outlaws between the end of the 1800 and the beginning of the twentieth century. This bottle is not TPD compliant.


dillinger large

On the nose Dillinger shows a vaguely pungent and alcoholic tone tending to blur those that should be the typical and velvety characteristics of a vanilla ice cream topped by a light caramel sauce. The vanilla fragrance emerges pleasing to the nose but reveals probably a synthetic nature and an evident use of vanillin. On the other hand, the timid caramel notes complete the olfactory experience; they appear difficult to decipher even if they do not escape on the smell.

french vanilla ice cream

We have prepared the Icon RDA by Vandy Vape with a resistance ready to vaporise Dillinger at medium-high wattages. The smell test has been poor in aromatic cues, not so complex. This configuration, leading us to face the vape test by heating the Icon engines with an initial power of 70 watts.

From the first puff Dillinger looks like a good all day, pleasant but also without too many claims. Of course we must not forget that this is a “classic” e-juice produced some years ago and this puts in favor of this e-liquid that after several years proves to have a good palatability. Its aromatic characteristics leave no doubt: a custard cream with caramel-based garnish.

Although during the puff, we can trace some creamy nuances that can be traced back to those typical of a vanilla ice cream (like the photo below), honestly it should be said that without the official description of the manufacturer, Dillinger would be much more commonly labeled and perceived as a traditional recipe obtained from the happy combination of custard and a light caramel coulis.

Vanilla Custard

The puff is round, especially if faced with high wattages, the creaminess is sufficient but not abundant, and this, as we said before, reduces the ice cream effect. But Dillinger’s slightly “ice-creamy” perception must not necessarily be seen as a demerit; if we forget for a moment the official description, perhaps a little misleading, we will find a good and rich custard cream, with the right degree of sweetness and with an appropriate aromatic load. From the notes of the custard, emerges an interesting and tasty feeling of egg dough that evokes an excellent craft preparation. The caramelized nuances peek out in the heart of the puff, softening the strength of the vanilla notes that perhaps characterize the cream too much. A tasty combination for a final overall appreciable result.

The high powers even well over 70 watts, seem to improve the final perceived thanks to a well balanced mix of all the ingredients; the roughness due to the slightly synthetic effect of the vanillin is well masked in the fullness of short, intense and compulsive puffs.

italian icecream usa

As we said before, it should not be forgotten that we are dealing with a fairly dated recipe and with this premise, the mixture produced by Villain Vapors, despite its simplicity, appears pleasant and above all current. The aromatic qualities of the caramel are better than those of the vanilla ingredient and also the custard cream structure. There is a lack of the abundance and density typical of an ice cream, no perceptual cues are based on milk and therefore the final result reminds more easily a vanilla pudding that a real ice cream.

ico 3

Pro: The custard cream for all hours of the day.

Cons: The vanilla notes betray a bit their synthetic nature.