It’s surely ont of the most complex, polished and refined aromas by T-Juice.

The producer mentions among its ingredients: raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, vanilla, sloe and assorted spices.

For this reason, explaining and describing this aroma is technically impossible: by experience and direct comparisons with other vapemates, each one of us feels something different in this Forrest Affair; certainly forest fruits are predominating or at least they are emphasized, but the notes, well, those are a subjective, palate-related thing.

In general I can say that it’s fresh and fruity, but at the same time with both sweet and mildly spiced notes, and this well-tuned combination make it pleasurable and “summery”.

Personally I tried a minty variation (adding a few menthol drops) with good results.

Also in the case of the Forrest Affair, in spite of producer’s recommendations, I wouldn’t recommend exceeding quantities.

Recommended dilution: 5-6%

Steeping time: 1-2 days

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