Primo Verde is one of the three organic aromas produced by T-Juice (others are Cubana and Ice Queen).

Being a tobacco flavour not by synthesis, but extracted from genuine tobacco (in this case Burley and Virginia) the aroma reveals itself as very pleasing and realistic.
On vaping it really gives the sensation of a cigarette as it reveals something “ashy” which goes beyond the well-balanced combination of Burley and Virginia which actually tends to be felt only on the exhale and as an aftertaste.

As a fact if we exceed too much in the mixing, the ash component (very present itself) is clearly dominating and can be unpleasing.

In my modest opinion is an excellent aroma, especially when sometimes we want to vape something strong in full breath, perhaps accompanied by a glass of wine or whisky.

Primo Verde, due to its “ashy” element, doesn’t suit a whole vaping day but at the same time it’s a very valid tobacco for those moments when we wish for something really strong.


Recommended dilution: 6-8%

Steeping time: 7 days

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