Primo K Flavour Company – Review


A few months ago we learned about the Italian brand K Flavour Company, specialized in the creation of synthetic tobacco aromas and e-liquids that have received many appreciations in Italy. The K Flavour Company aromas are able to combine bold and rather complex recipes with the tobacco element, without wanting at all costs to emulate or imitate an organic tobacco product.

So today let’s talk again about the “I Dieci” line by K Flavour Company, of which we have already reviewed the Quarto and Secondo aromas.

Primo K Flavour Company Aroma boccetta con descrizione

We remind you that all the aromas of this line are sold in 10ml amber glass bottles and are to be diluted to 20%. Before focusing on our aroma, we cannot fail to highlight the beauty, elegance and care of the packaging of the products of this line. Sincere congratulations!


The Primo K Flavor Company aroma is described as follows on the manufacturer’s website:

Tobacco, coconut, bourbon cream, brown sugar.


On the smell, the aroma Primo shows a clear and intense alcoholic note, almost liqueur I would say, which tends to dominate the scene a little, aromatically overwhelming all the other elements of the blend. It takes a few minutes for the nostrils to get used to the alcoholic impact, and are able to trace an intriguing coconut glaze and light vanilla hints, which however come out with difficulty from the alcoholic “fumes” of the bottle.

Without delay I prepare myself for the vape test and for the tasting of what promises to be most likely a tobacco recipe with a typically summer aromatic stamp. Will it really be like this?

Crema al Bourbon marca Buffalo Trace Distillery


Devices: Quawins Vstick Pro + Kizoku Techmod con Limit MTL RTA single coil (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime

For the review of this aroma, I decided to rely on two very different systems: the Vstick Pro pod mod and the Kizoku kit with Techmod box and Limit atomizer.

  Vstick Pro sigaretta elettronica con filtro     Kizoku Techmod 80 watt e Limit MTL RTA Kit

On vape the incisiveness of the alcoholic element perceived during the smell test, it is attenuated and balanced within a bouquet on the contrary very balanced, even if as already seen in the previous products of this line, always much more oriented towards the flavoring component than the tobacco one. The Primo K Flavor Company aroma from this point of view does not differ from the previous reviewed aromas of this line, and presents the tobacco ingredient in a way that is always perhaps a little (too) marginal.

Noce di cocco aperta

From the inhalation phase, the puff appears very aromatic and enveloping, with a fine note of coconut that actually gives the aroma a typically summer address, even in the absence of those freshness tips typical for all e-liquids created for the summer. The coconut and immediately following the perception of pleasant notes of vanilla liqueur, give me the feeling of being struggling with a coconut-based alcoholic drink, perhaps not really a cocktail (the “ice” element is missing as I said), but something more like some kind of flavored rum.

Tabacco biondo

The bouquet of Primo K Flavor Company enjoys a truly enviable roundness, it is sweet but not too much, and on the palate it is quite sweet. I do not hide the fact that I have a hard time finding both the tobacco ingredient and the cane sugar within the aromatic score of this recipe; I have no doubts that they really exist, indeed I am sure of their presence, and I imagine them to support and complete a very bold and courageous blend.

Tobacco binds well to the coconut and while not perceiving it clearly, it gives an extra pinch of woodiness to the tropical fruit; in the same way the cane sugar makes the flavor of the bourbon cream more lively and savory, softening the sweeter and potentially cloying note.

Zucchero di canna grezzo

The aromatic balance of Primo K Flavor is impeccable, the recipe is refined and quite unusual and not tired at all, but honestly I would have tried to dare more with the tobacco element making it more easily recognizable.


Primo K Flavor Company confirms the sensations and perceptions already traced in the previous reviewed aromas of the “I Dieci” line of the Campania manufacturer; it is certainly a pleasant and tasty product but, exactly as in the case of the Secondo and Quarto aromas, here too the tobacco ingredient is in my humble opinion too muted. Tobacco is certainly not the main ingredient of this aromatic composition. Roundness of taste and undisputed aromatic qualities but very little tobacco hints.

If you think you might like this aroma from K Flavor Company, then I think you should seriously consider THIS AROMA so interesting and very aromatic.

Suggested dilution: 20%

Steeping time: ready to vape, recommended 3-5 days

The Flavourist voto 4

Pro: Amiable combination of coconut and bourbon cream

Cons: The tobacco component is a little too much in the background

K Flavour Company Logo

Name and Format: Primo (K Flavour Company) – Concentrated flavour 10 ml

Batch: PTC2004N1

Used Base: 40 PG / 60 VG

Expiry Date: 05/2023