tornado juice logo e1507803333615E-liquid review: Lionel (Tornado Juice) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 03/2017

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: max VG

Expiry date: 03/2019

Devices: Aleader Funky 160 w + Geekvape Peerless RDA dual coil 0.28 ohm (Kanthal A1 22 awg 0.60 mm) with Kendo Vape Cotton Gold edition.

Tornado Juice is an Italian brand by Brucaliffo Srl company in Parma. The company, which has been on the market since some years, produces ready-made liquids and aromas, focusing on the concept of strictly Italian quality: the entire production process starting from the same raw materials is 100% made in Italy. It’s the brand’s business mission.

The Flavourist team has the pleasure of being able to talk about some of the brand creations from both the “Freakshow” line and the so called “Regional”. Our journey between Tornado Juice’s aromatic notes begins with Lionel by Freakshow line:

This Freak is inspired by a pie. The pie is the Mochi Pie, consisting of a peanut butter heart, a marshmallow veil and a sweet chocolate cover.

Mochi Pie this stranger … I had to peek over the internet to find out more; we are talking about a typical Japanese cake often marketed in the form of a biscuit with different varieties of taste.

tornado juice lionel 50ml

Lionel’s bottle is an “unicorn bottle” in the Mix Series 50 + 10 ml format on a max VG base. The bottle is supplied in a cardboard box, and all the product graphics, as well as the Freakshow line, are particularly vibrant and colorful, in line with the circus inspiration of the same. The manufacturer told us that the liquids in this line called “freaks” are the name of some of the famous “freaks” of the historic Circus Barnum, which until May 2017 was the longest circus in the world with 146 years of activity. Probably you will be interested in knowing that Lionel was the famous lion man, Stephan Bibrowski art name, suffering from a rare illness that covered his entire body with a thick layer of hair.


An intense aroma of peanuts with a thin chocolate veal comes out decisively at the opening of Lionel’s bottle. I also notice a very distant alcoholic frame that underlies interesting and pleasing aromatic notes, among which I sometimes seem to perceive a hint of hazelnut shell. The taste of the peanut is surely the most precious one and I can appreciate its good naturalness. Anyway all the mix looks good.

mochi cookies

I drip Lionel’s first drops in my Peerless, thus kicking off the vape test.

Lionel’s head notes have a delicate hint of chocolate, moderately gentle but too shy to fully assess its quality. On this mild chocolate note, soon I can feel the decisive flavor of a persuasive peanut butter. If the nose “nourishes” a smell of peanuts, the taste is unmistakable on the palate: real peanut butter. The union of the two components does not return the feeling you would expect from a sweet and creamy liquid. Sweetness is measured and quite contained, too, because it must be said, a peanut butter is not really a sweet aroma. Lionel lacks of creaminess, but on the other hand, it’s quite dry and rough.

An aromatic texture that does not tire and does not boring, perfect for long day sessions but which I am convinced, will disappoint a few of the expectations of many vapers.

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Although not sufficiently rounded for taste and softness, Lionel maintains all the qualities of a good winter liquid: warm, intense, and energetic. It would be perfect to build a strong and rigorous tobacco e-liquid. Believe me, my preference for  tobacco tastes, whether classical or extracted, has allowed me to appreciate this mix so decidedly and with almost “dark” tones.

Apart from my very personal taste perceptions, it is indisputable that the bouquet is lacking on the creamy side. It’s no simple to identify significant sweet shades that would have contributed to making the creation more round and complete. Even the marshmallow veil mentioned in the official description from the manufacturer seems to be absent altogether or almost. Perhaps timidly and only in nasal exhalation, you could notice the slightest sugary tips that could vaguely remember the taste of a marshmallow.

mochi choco pieDefinitely, Lionel looks like a good peanut butter with a light chocolate finish, all in a setting not so sweet and creamy.

Not knowing the Japanese Mochi pie, I can not judge the fidelity of the liquid to the real product. My personal feeling, puts it away from what might be the real features of a real Mochi Pie cookie.

ico 3

Pro: A good peanut butter with a light chocolate finish; warm and wintry.

Cons: It lacks of sweetness and creaminess; difficult to be highly faithful to a true Mochi pie cookie.