E-liquid review: Los Angeles – linea Whatsamericavape (Blendfeel) 50 ml- received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 26 PG / 74 VG

Batch: 1615307050020002

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 19/12/2018

Devices: Laisimo Snowwolf 200w plus + Recoil RDA dual coil 0.28 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with japanese organic cotton.

The virtual trip of “an Italian to America” recently undertaken by Blendfeel, continues today with an aromatic itinerary that takes us after New York to discover Los Angeles.

The Whatsamericavape Line is made up of 8 products in the dual version “ready” or “concentrated juices”; At present, there are only 6 e-liquids available, the last two are still to be unveiled by the end of May and the end of July. The “Ready” products are in 50 ml bottle with no nicotine on a 70/30 VPG base, while “concentrates” are based on 74/26 VPG and are diluted with a “nicotine booster” of 5 ml to get finally 50 ml of e-liquid.

For the packaging information and the flask I refer you to the New York review.


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As mentioned earlier in Ney York’s review, on Whatsamericavape’s site there are no descriptions of products, but for each of them there are hashtags that identify the key ingredients that identify each product; In the case of Los Angeles, today’s liquid, the following hashtags are reported:

#Cracker #Chocolate #Toasted #Sweet

Los Angeles’s smell is distinguished by the obvious notes of a dry chocolate cookie biscuit. The first smelling ones make a typical dry tea biscuit, but slowly reveal slightly different notes that make me recognize the scent of a famous sandwich cookie of the genre Ritz-Cracker with a fine cream of chocolate. Does anyone remember the Prince cookies or Duo biscuits? A category of dried biscuits with a slight sweetening combined with a soft chocolate filling. It really can not be wrong.

At vape Los Angeles does not disappoint the expectations and the pleasurable olfactory premises. On my 60 Watt Recoil RDA, I find the notes and tastes of a good old Prince biscuit! Indelible memories of adolescent and juvenile pleasures …


Interestingly, the contrast and the combination that is created between the features of the chewy base, which is perceptible in inspiration, and the light chocolate stuffing in the heart of the whip. It is a graham cracker with its typical aromatics marked by cereal notes in a sweet-salty setting that clearly differentiates it from the more classic “cookies”. A confectionery product typical of American tradition, I notice its fragrance here, accentuated by the “sweetener” use. You have the feeling at times of finding grains of sugar sprinkled on the surface of the cookie. The overall aromatic texture is well balanced, the chocolate cream is soft and never overwhelms the graham base and, with some surprise, I must say not particularly marked. If it were not for the presence of sucralose that certainly plays a role as an aromatic enhancer, maybe we could even talk about a slightly bleak liquid. But Los Angeles is not a mild liquid, rather it seems a delicate and no invasive liquid and therefore perhaps a little less “American” than expected … But this is the details …


Sucralose circulates, invigorates and replenishes the body, but in my opinion it remains a little bit sloped out of it, not merged completely, tends to notice a little too much as a single ingredient, but perhaps that was precisely the goal of Blendfeel flavourists, make it perceive as powdered sugar on the biscuit surface. The likeness between Los Angeles and a chocolate cookie biscuit is very high and the resemblance to that kind of biscuits produced by several brands on horseback between the 80s and 90s is unquestionable.

We are talking about a very successful e-liquid and particularly attractive when exhaling, thanks to a more than good and very pleasant aromatic persistence. An e-liquid can seduce the palate of the most demanding cloud chasers pleasantly. And because of course, but it seems to me almost useless to remember it, Los Angeles was thought to be just a snare made of power and compulsiveness, exalting and giving the best of it right in the airy dripping atomizers capable of releasing markers and Sweet aromatic notes of this kind of e-liquids.

After all, if we want, the “Italian can do the American” well…

ico 4

Pro: Intriguing graham cookie with chocolate stuffing.

Cons: It’s a “cotton killer” liquid.