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Name and Format: Oriental Fusion (Synergy Vape) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1815550040001

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50VG

Expiry date: 05-15-2020

Devices: Innokin Proton 235W + ExVape Expromizer V3 Fire single coil 1.05 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton bacon V.2.0

Synergy Vape a new brand officially presented during the 2018 edition of Vapitaly, comes back again on The Flavourist pages! This brand, you Know born from the close collaboration of two well-known Italian manufacturers: Blendfeel and Tornado Juice.

The basic idea that led to the birth of this new brand and its line of products, was to bring together and merge the skills and specific features of each of the two companies to create an entire line of flavored tobacco concentrates. Synergy Vape therefore represents the trait d’union between the creamy and fruity creations by Tornado Juice with the tobacco pure extracts by Blendfeel.

A true synergy that has generated seven concentrated aromas: Black N’gold, Creamy Latakia, Grecale, Lentini’s Cigar, Oriental Fusion, T.M.C. and Wrong Love.

The package of each Synergy Vape includes a small cardboard tube containing a 10 ml amber-colored glass bottle and a very useful sticker to put on the bottleand where to write the information on the preparation (aroma name, nicotine level, composition of the base and date of preparation).


Our story of Synergy Vape started with the Lentini’s Cigar flavor, a juice born from the appreciated and awarded Lentini e-juice by Tornado Juice.

Today, however, we will put all our attention on the Oriental Fusion flavor of which the manufacturer tells us:

L’Oriental, il tabacco sun cured per eccellenza! Proprio il sole ha ispirato questo aroma, l’arancia rossa infatti che ricorda il sole al tramonto, viene spruzzata su una distesa del miglior tabacco orientale, ed il tutto spolverato di cioccolato bianco, un bouquet armonioso che non smette mai di affascinare e stupire!

The Oriental, the sun cured tobacco par excellence! Just the sun has inspired this aroma, the red orange in fact remind us the sun on the sunset, is sprayed on an expanse of the best oriental tobacco, and all dusted with white chocolate, a harmonious bouquet that never ceases to fascinate and amaze!

It does not surprise me at the opening of the bottle to note how the tobacco hints remain in the background of the aromatic structure of this blend, in favor of a rich and fragrant hint of orange. The citrus notes, however, are not the only ones to emerge during the olfactory analysis, because it is perceptible with a certain ease a thin creamy veil that seems to soften the perfume of the orange.

Oriental tobacco leaf

A timid spiciness, more difficult to grasp, finally embraces the whole. And just in this minimal spicy note, fresh and light, that must be identified the contribution of Oriental tobacco to the Synergy Vape product .

I decided to entrust the Expromizer V3 Fire with the not easy task of accompanying me in the tasting of Oriental Fusion, to discover its most inscrutable aromatic secrets. A very versatile RTA able to behave flawlessly in the presence of any tobacco extracted liquid, from pure, through the various types of blends, even (as in our case), to the flavoured ones.

expromizer v3The vape test fully confirms my olfactory perceptions, sanctioning a bright and fragrant red orange as the true protagonist of this e-liquid. From the first inspirations I feel all the marked vivacity of the red fruit and above all its appreciable naturalness. Oriental Fusion nicely penetrates my palate, tickling it with precious sweet-sour hues.

arancia rossa

Slowly puff after puff the bouquet releases more complex sensations revealing some fine spicy insertions, an interesting enrichment to the taste of the orange. My sensory memory leads me to associate this taste with that of a spicy tea flavored with pieces of orange. The combination of orange and tobacco is happy and refined and, as imagined during the smell test, it is in this spice that I detect some typical elements of Oriental tobacco and all the lightness of a young and sunny tobacco just like its cure.

The feeling of tobacco in truth always remains very weak, the orange never gives up its scepter and its sovereignty, but after the first milliliters of vape, when the coil is now well-hardened and has reached its peak, and is preparing to start its descending parabola slowly degrading, a more accentuated tobacco leaflet finds space between the nuances of the entire blend.

tobacco sun cured

At the end of the puff, during the exhalation there is also a vaguely creamy trail that carries with it a hint of renewed sweetness, uniting with great balance to the citrus tones. Regarding the creamy component, or white chocolate according to the manufacturer, in reality there is little to say, an effective complement to the aromatic plant of the e-liquid but without its true identity. Identifiable.

However, it is precisely in the vape queue that the fusion of Oriental Fusion shows its rounder accents, thanks to that creamy veil that is able to give a pinch of body to a tobacco that still wants to be and maintain its role of elegant flavored tobacco, light and summer.

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 3/5 gg

ico 4

Pro: Border line tobacco with an elegant summer lightness.

Cons: Border line tobacco whose tabacco component is hardly recognizable by palates not accustomed to vaping extracted tabaccos.