E-liquid review: Prelude (Black Note) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 126V

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 12/2018

Devices: Asmodus Mini Minikin 50w + Hcigar Fodi F2 RDTA single coil (Kanthal A1 0.40 mm 26 awg) 0.8 ohm with Puff cotton.

Our present story is again devoted to Black Note, probably the most famous e-liquids company in tobacco production made from natural tobacco extracts.

After Sonata, Forte e Legato is the turn of Prelude a Virginia tobacco blend, the world’s most popular and popular tobacco, virtually ubiquitous in all tobacco blends.

Prelude is thus officially described:

Virginia tobacco sets the stage for the light, bright and naturally sweet taste of Prelude. Grown in the sandy soils surrounding the Italian Alps, real Virginia tobacco leaves are flue-cured to perfection.

black note prelude

The bottle is in 10 ml transparent glass with a childproof cap and beak dropper tip. The 10 ml Black Notes are TPD ready products and are therefore easily available on our market. The Black Note packaging and labels, as mentioned in the previous reviews of the brand, are of astonishing elegance, a classic vintage style cared in detail; You have to have them in your hands to understand the quality and care in detail that has been reserved for the packaging of these products.

cutting tobacco

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The smell test in the Prelude case is useless: only distant and fleeting as plant fragrances with slight sweetheart accents. Prelude is almost completely odorless. For the vape test I’m going to use the Hcigar Fodi F2 RDTA. Take it as a hidden advertisement, and maybe not too much, but I assure you it is an excellent atomizer for tasting tobacco e-liquids.virginia leaf

On vaping I find an unusual Virginia tobacco. Very realistic notes of clean, clear tobacco pervade the palate at every puff. Higher notes offer fine, light but fragile herbal fragrances. The puff at this stage is animated by a composite and linear structure with moderately dry hints. Flue cured seems to have released the leaves of tobacco from its resins and natural sugars, making it softer than expected. The taste is simple but pleasing and has undoubted assonances with Burley tobacco. And if there was a bit in this blend?

When in the heart of the vape gently overlook some nuances of sugar, it is inevitable to find a tasteful perception of greater roundness; You will notice the typical stamp of a classic American Virginia. But this is Italian! So be thankful to Black Note for telling us that in the case of tobaccos, from cultivation to extraction, we are also good here in Italy … Here we are!

The puff is tasty and pleasant despite the blend in the end is not quite complex. It is true that Prelude is not born to be complex. Hinds are its assonances with Sonata (also a Virginia blend). Both bouquets offer a linear and analog-like vape, and consequently rather reassuring species for the new vapers. The Prelude Virginia tobacco, in my opinion, is drier and also has light skin flavors during the exhalation phase, which combine with a smoky background that further contributes to conjuring a light analog sensation.

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Prelude is a perfect all-day specially designed for those who want a tantalizing, credible, straightforward, lightweight, without any particular aromatic remittances. The aromatic persistence is as light as it suits for a bouquet of this kind. Otherwise, a more pronounced persistence, it would have been a gross mistake on the part of the manufacturer. But the Californian company is also in this impeccable circumstance when it comes to producing a quality product that is destined to a wide audience of vapers, the just introduction to the world of extracts of tobacco: the prelude to tobacco.

ico 4

Pro: A Virginia flue-cured extract with excellent analogical sensations.

Cons: Not suitable for those who expect a complex tobacco structure.