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Name e Format: Red Spot (Guerrilla Flavors)- concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: iStrick pico 25 + Wotofo Profile mesh 0.22 ohm

Let’s go back here today, on the pages of TheFlavourist, with you, to have a chat about a new liquid. We do this by talking about Guerrilla Flavors. The Romanian producers, who have their headquarters in the Transylvanian region. They have been intense and rich weeks that have seen a close succession regarding these liquids, but today I have a sad news to give you for a while we will not have other products to review this producer.

As mentioned in recent weeks we had the pleasure of trying some aromas, divided, for convenience in categories, we shared with you our impressions on the creamy of this line, and then go to the tests on flavored tobacco, until arriving last week to liquids that go so far during this period of vape: the fruity liquids with a hint of ice, which make everything very round and that as we know it helps above all who is at the beginning to stay away from the vice for which we are here. We arrived today at the last aroma that was sent to us, sure that soon we will receive new creations and always ready to bring to you readers our impressions. For the most distracted readers we want to remember that they are synthetic aromas that find a strong point and an element that characterizes a high aromatic quality and that try to release tastes as realistic as possible. In short, they try to emulate an extracted aroma using synthetic molecules. In addition to this the strength of Guerrilla Flavors is the simplicity of approach to liquids in fact addressed to a very large audience do not try to overturn the market with “difficult” recipes but offer us their characterizing vision.

As mentioned, this is an aroma with fruity flavors to which the icy effect has been added. Thus we announce Red Spot, which is described very simply by the manufacturer as follows:

Raspberry and watermelon soda with ice effect.

The description as always is precise and punctual and without turns of words puts us in front of the ingredients that we will discover once the liquid has evaporated. Inside we will find a soda with raspberries and watermelon to which an icy effect has been added. To us the description brings to mind the image of a nice glass filled with soda then with so many bubbles in purple colors at times and with reddish hues in reference to the two fruits present with the addition of those few ice cubes to make the tasty and thirst-quenching drink without distorting taste, will our children succeed in recreating in our liquid our own mental image?

As we have become accustomed to the inside we find the bottle of aroma that will be diluted to about 15 percent but you can go down slightly with bases with less VG. In addition, we also provide a 60ml “unicorn bottle” in which to pour our preparation for the few hours of stepping necessary to ensure that the aroma is amalgamated with the base. We have also noticed that once the dispenser nozzle of the bottle is closed, we are given the possibility to remove it to allow a new refill easily. Really cute this packaging!

aroma red spot guerrilla flavors 30 ml


The first approach to the bottle is certainly very positive, the few characterizing elements of the recipe make sure that everything is very clear from the first test. Once approached to the bottle we perceive in a safe and overwhelming way the watermelon that with its sugary notes makes us already mouth watering, a rich perfume and we will say very probable, today certainly one of the best perceived during the olfactory test. I search in this scent the notes of raspberries that I find very gently as a whole as that sour feeling that makes us slightly move the nose. Obviously it is almost impossible to perceive the touch of ice given to liquids but we perceive it as a breath of fresh wind that slightly tickles our face.
guerrilla flavors red spot aroma


Thus we arrive at the highlight of the vaping test for this fruity and icy liquid. A recipe definitely not complicated that opens immediately putting all its predominant characteristics on the table the steam is thick and full-bodied, we are immediately struck by the richness of this simple aroma and which is tasty and greedy at the same time. In fact the steam is quite loaded with sugar, remember that it is still a soda, which sees together with the water the addition of carbon dioxide sugar, here everything is amalgamated in a single vortex of flavors, the sugar of the watermelon and the taste come out clearly and punctually making everything very immediate and appreciable. The molecules used to recreate the taste of watermelon remain high-level in fact do not transmit unpleasant or too unreal flavors. The sensation of the icy effect that accompanies us that accompanies us from beginning to end in this phase is very delicate and not very invasive. Once passed the initial phase of the puff we arrive in the central part where we find lightly notes and tastes that remind us of raspberries, certainly do not reveal themselves in a decisive manner but in the background they do their job giving us those slightly acidic hints typical of the fruit that balance the whole aromatic composition dampening the sugary sensations, also lightening the pressure on our palate. In the final phase the sensation of the anice, which has never left us throughout our journey, becomes more present and tends to flatten the great aromatic strength, cleaning up our papillae and leaving a delicate and persistent freshness even after laying our electronic cigarette.

I do not know if even in your parts in summer you make the so-called granita, those made with ice shake to which you then add the aroma as you please here this liquid reminds me, more than a drink that kind of sensations, the fresh sweetened and slightly sour of a watermelon granita.

The svapata is overall really tasty and rich, a fruity mix that is well presented to our palate with a lively and decisive and very sweet taste. The levels of sweetness and sweetness are kept under control by a slightly acidic note of raspberries, which however take second place to the decisive presence of watermelon. A liquid for the whole day and that will surely know how to rise more with the advent of the beautiful season, but that however is well suited to a carefree vap.

ricetta frullato lamponi anguria 1

Guerrilla Flavor’s guys are hardly wrong, and even in this case they presented themselves to the decisive test with a simple recipe based on a few ingredients but always of quality and anyway it is very appreciable and truthful as a whole.

ico 4

Pro: Excellent combination of sugars and acidity.

Cons: Raspberries not present.