E-liquid review: Tobacco Caramel (Solido)

Batch: n.d

Nic: 6 mg/ml

Declared base: 50% VG / 50% PG

Expiry date: n.n.

Devices:  Rx200 + Griffin 25mm dualcoil 0,28 ohm (Kantal A1 0,40mm) con cotone organico giapponese.

The Solid sent us three liquids from Malaysia from their new collection so The Flavourist can test them. We’ll start the test of Tobacco Caramel, a product that, over the others, piqued my curiosity.


The packaging is nice, always very nice, as their logo. The bowl has a dropper and closing childproof fully functional. The most observant will have noticed that the bowl the product name is wrong (caremal). To the detriment of the name, as the same little box portends, we’re not dealing with a tabacco liquid. It is a ready liquid sweet and Solid line we’re going to test is dedicated to the caramel lovers, in the most delicious and extreme forms. As you can see from the picture, it appears from the box on a tobacco mound. No coincidence that this has piqued my curiosity.

A rich taste of tobacco and caramel added with a hint of almond for a mesmerizing taste, unlike others!

The smell Tobacco Caramel is sweet, intense, mellow and very structured. dark notes and creamy caramel mixed with dried fruit which does not lack warm accents of ethyl maltol. The olfactory perception chases similarities linked to a caramel mousse topped with praline. brown sugar and vaguely alcoholic glazes argue shady notes and masculine.

I confess a childish impulse that does not allow me to dwell further on the examination olfactory. I must vape it!
The vape is warm and harmonic. There undoubtedly are in the presence of a “soft” liquid, almost like a cake in which the caramel is presented in a highly creamy and delicate dresses.


The flavor escalation is combined with an intense taste and tabaccoso for us recognizable. Spicy taste of almonds, vanilla and maltol. Extraordinary.
The tobacco structure is present through a mix lying close to what we call RY4. It ‘a name that old school vapers well known and that newcomers vaper have surely seen around. It was a heavily used in the world of electronic cigarette flavor to give the vaper a ready solution to the “tabacco” desire. A spiciness from glazes for us exotic enriching and refines, in this recipe Solid, the caramel power.

The winning key of Tobacco Caramel is all in this incredible mix of strong feelings related to the Supreme creaminess of an amazing and rich caramel.


The content of this caramel mousse praline, is extremely powerful. The RY4 scent travels at very low notes, but the recipe it is strongly underlined.
A sort of high-pastry desserts, rich in dark notes but gentle, spicy but never acidic. The palate is mellow in the suction phase to transfer all the nuances tabaccose while exhaling. The mix spreads an elegant fragrance and at the same time delicious. The vapor is full bodied and velvety.

Small accents bind part of this recipe for caramelized dried fruit pralines, as if they had used a reinforcement to the caramel to make it even more varied the aromatic range perceptible at the vape. In the description we speak of almonds, but this seems to be a lot more. At higher temperatures, the use of brown sugar makes a shading between sweetness and hints tabaccosi, excites and structure of the body slightly toasted notes, pleasant and intense. Voluptuous sweetness and creaminess.

A fat and humid vape enhances the flavor making the prolonged perception as ever. The overall structure of the liquid is elegant. This is not a tabaccoso liquid, but even of a creamy escusivamente liquid.
I recommend it, do not do it often, the strong flavors of fans, but sweet, to the nostalgic of the old RY4 Janty, will find this reinterpretation terribly innovative. An extreme fusion between RY4 mousse and creamy and warm caramel.

ico 5

Pro: An interesting insight, all obvious. A dessert to tabaccoso RY4. Excellent quality of the ingredients and the varied range of flavors.

Cons: There is an error in the transcription of the name of the liquid in the bottle.