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Name and Format: Tropical Fever – DIYlicious line (Vaponaute) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by Senza Filtro

Batch: 1654901

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50VG

Expiry date: 06-2020

Devices: Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W + Ammit MTL RDA single coil 0,8 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 awg) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

After a prolonged absence, we return to talk about a French company that has made quality and elegance its trademark. Whether we talk about e-liquids or hardaware, Vaponaute is without a doubt a brand that in the past, and rightly, our team has counted as a company belonging to the aristocracy of vape, and today we will test for you an aroma belonging to the line called “DIYlicious”.

Berry Tart, Classic Blend, Mint Extreme, Mocha Cake and Tropical Fever are the five flavors of this line and although the hottest months of the year are light years away, we decided to take care of Tropical Fever:

The Tropical Fever concentrate from the DIYlicious range is a bold mix of Pineapple, Guava and Passion Fruit with a drop of lime.

vaponaute tropical fever bottle 10ml

I will not dwell on the aroma bottle, as it is one of the most common PET bottles used for packaging concentrated flavors.

So I pass to the olfactory test. Tropical Fever has a very marked and sometimes pungent aroma that makes careful analysis difficult. I perceive penetrating notes of pineapple surrounded by persistent alcoholic features. Alas, the first impact is not positive. Will not the dilution be wrong? Yet I have strictly adhered to the indications provided by the manufacturer … I continue with my analysis and I see emerge from the back a slight but unusual citrus note perhaps distorted by the strong alcoholic scent that hovers at every pressure of the bottle.

Will the vaporization test succeed in overturning the negative sensations received on the nose?

Foster Tropical Fever by Vaponaute for the 22mm of the Ammit MTL RDA by Geek Vape.

geekvape ammit mtl rda e1532119666183
In vaporization Tropical Fever fortunately evokes the big olfactory doubts, balancing almost miraculously from the aromatic point of view. Now the perceptions are positive and I can begin to identify the elements that naturally make up this mix. Pineapple is the main ingredient of the bouquet, and in my opinion it covers a good part of the aromatic score of the recipe.

Tropical Drink Carribean Island

Fragrant, lively, sweet but with interesting acidulous tips, the pineapple aroma is very natural and of high quality. Finally I find the innate class of the Parisian company with the first puffs, even if I realize that I am in the presence of a less amazing creation compared to other recipes reviewed in previous years.

Vaponaute has accustomed us to much more refined formulations, but here we are a bit far from those wonderful past sensations.

vaponaute founders

The genuine flavor of pineapple is accompanied in the heart of the mouth by a slight touch of guava. The resulting effect produces a happy rounding of the mix and goes slightly to reduce the pineapple acidity points by softening the entire aromatic structure.

Now Tropical Fever has assumed the connotations of an elegant non-alcoholic tropical cocktail, elevating itself compared to the many banal tropical juices that have passed through the hands over the years. Now we finally see the wise and refined hand of Anne Claire or the creator of all the liquid formulas Vaponaute license plate.

In the tail, during the exhalation and in the light and gentle aromatic persistence after the vaping, a thin and convincing splash of lemon emerges (or lime if you want, it is not easy to identify it with absolute certainty). The aroma is thus completed with a delicately sour touch that leaves even more the pleasant sensation of having vaped an e-liquid never too sweet indeed …

The sweetness of Tropical fever is in fact only hinted and the presence of the lime embellishes this recipe making it even more appealing. Details of elegance signed by Vaponaute …

Suggested dilution: 15%

Steeping time: 2/3 gg


ico 4

Pro: Simple but structured recipe with the usual elegance of Vaponaute.

Cons: The notes of the passion fruit can not be perceived.

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