Basement brew

3xB is a macerated aroma of two tobacco varieties mixed with secret exotic ingredients: this is the producer’s official description.

I just say now that this aroma’s flavour matched very well with my tastebuds, even though it wasn’t easy to spot the components of this excellent Basement Brew mix.

In the end, after several checks and puffs, I deduced that this 3xB might be coposed by macerated Virginia and Burley with added coconut, a hint of chocolate and perhaps raisins. The result? For me very pleasing and tasty, delicate but not too sweet even though, vaping it after a brief steeping, the taste tends to be like a bisuit one, though not too sweet.

In my opinion this aroma should left steeping for at least 15-20 days before getting its real flavour.

Recommended dilution: 10-15%

Steeping time: 15-20 days.

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