onehitwonder logoE-liquid review: Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli (One Hit Wonder) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 16.2191.104

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 12/2018

Devices: Wismec Predator 228w + Vandy Vape Icon RDA dual coil 0.26 ohm (Kanthal A1 23 awg 0.6 mm) with Cotton Bacon v 2.0.

If an important American e-liquid manufacturer decides to create a line with a clear reference to one of the most famous Italian confectionery products in the world, for the Italians there is to be proud of it.

If an important American e-liquid manufacturer decides to create a line with a clear reference to one of the most famous Italian confectionery products in the world, for the Italians it is to be feared a bit…

The Bam Bam’s Cannoli line by One Hit Wonder company is intended to provide the general public of vapers (especially in US) a tasting idea of ​​the famous Sicilian cannoles, obviously in a purely American key. Then are born Bam Bam’s Original Cannoli, Captain, Cookies,Cream and are born and the last Bam Bam’s Strawberry Cannoli. The line is completely TPD compliant and the bottle in our possession is a classic 10 ml PET with a little beak tip dropper. Graphics are clear and essential and label information is extremely exhaustive.

Today we are speaking about Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli:

One cereal covered cannoli just isn’t enough. We thought we’d give you one more of your favorite childhood cereals rolled around a vanilla cream filling, and once again topped off with a homemade whipped cream! With all of these ingredients coming together, cereal has never tasted so good!

bam bams captain cannoli

On the smell a lightweight alcoholic background underlies a tasty and well-known vanilla custard, mixed with equally well-known pleasing hints of milk and/or whipped cream. Flavour and fragrances sure with a quite good quality standards but it must be said, nothing new under the sun. A common olfactory picture but, as always in the presence of a good dose of creaminess, an inviting picture.

On vape, Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli is very pleasing from first puff, it is so pleasant for the generous and sweet creamy sensation. A touch of vanilla cream well blended with notes of frozen cream or whipped cream.

corn pops cereal

The puff is uniform in all its phases from inhalation until the good and not exaggerated aromatic persistence. A simple but well-interpreted scent of his actors. The perceptions and the facets of the ingredients, that would make this creation more creative than other similar, escape and do not emerge clearly during all the vaping phases. And most of all, they miss out on the palate the notes of corn pops that were supposed to form the “zest” of this Anglo-Saxon cannolo. An elusive cereal that does not perfectly return the crunchy feeling that the manufacturer, and especially the image of the product, suggest to us.


The imperfections of Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli, however, do not interfere with its overall good aromatic nature; various sweeteners and additives (sucralose, lactone, diacetyl and even more) strongly contribute to the appetite and easy receptivity of our taste buds.

My sweet, fat and creamy American liquid!

Breakfast Cereal

If the papillos thank so much sweetness and opulence, a little less the coils of the atomizers, in great suffering after a few milliliters of liquid. A strange situation because the synthetic flavorings used for this formulation should have provided greater durability to atomizer resistances. The e-liquid has an industrial perception more than a natural one.

The good taste of vanilla custard melted with the whipped cream aroma is not enough in my opinion to express a flattering judgment on this Captain. It is undeniable that the liquid will flow nicely without ever presenting sharpness and aroma, but its simplicity seems disarming at times. The feeling that a well-made and well-liked e-liquid DIY could easily be exchanged for Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli never left me during the long and careful tasting of the product.

One Hit Wonder? In this case I have to say, honestly not.

ico 2

Pro: A well done DIY e-liquid.

Cons: A line with an important and challenging name but it’s so simple and common.