E-liquid review: Caligula (Art&Science) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 6041618

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% PG – 60% VG

Expiry date: 04-2019

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Hobo 3.1 RDA single coil 0,7 ohm (Kanthal A1 0,32 mm) with japanese organic cotton.

Art & Science is a new Italian company specialized in e-liquid production created by Dr. Fortunato Francia which has a long experience in the vaping industry. In this regard a few days ago we published an interview with the creator of this new brand to become better acquainted with a new, all-Italian company. If you have not already read it, click here treat yourself!

Today we review a preview of Caligula, one of three new liquid manufacturer that will see the light in the upcoming autumn.

Caligula, real name Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, was the third Roman emperor, belonging to the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He reigned for less than four years, 37-41, when he was assassinated at the age of just 28 years. Caligula was the nickname given to him by his father at a young age, or “little murky”, the shoe of the legionnaires. Historically Caligula is considered a despot and was eccentric character, eccentric and dubious reputation.

So what to expect from our e-liquid Caligula? Extravagance, eccentricity or what?


The product is made of transparent glass bottle with a childproof closure and dropper-tipped beak. At the time the article is not yet available the final packaging of the product but I assume that it will be identical to that of the other company’s products. We speak of a black glass bottle, especially a aluminum can aesthetically nothing short of outstanding, well-kept and elegance of superior quality. It ‘s rare that unbalances me in so many praises on the packaging of a product, but in this case the result I really deserve an honorable mention. Similarly it must be said that the completeness of the product information is absolute. Perfection.

We open the bottle and smell it: an intense and very inviting of a cream (custard?) With a light aromatic note of almonds. The feeling that gives me is that of a warm and enveloping liquid.

During his interview, the manufacturer has hinted us something:

A very special cream, a mixture of custard and egg custard with almonds and more …


With a curiosity by childish tones catapult me in trying to vape. From the first puff emerges a sense of elegance that pervades this new creation of Art & Science.

Caligula is a fine creamy liquid, round and full, built on a base of custard and characterized by the presence of delicious tipical italian buiscuits “amaretti”.


The feel is pleasantly warm, the custard is sufficiently charged, does not escape his presence and with the support of a hint of caramel you create a sweet and thick aromatic structure. This creamy base fits the characterizing ingredient of e-liquid that is the amaretto biscuit, perfectly faithful to the taste and flavor of the product confectionery that we all (especially Italians) know.


Caligula, is very mixed and uniformly present in all stages of vaping, with cream and amaretto that come hand in hand on the palate of vaper. I personally think that the e-liquid is better in flavor chasing than in cloud chasing with so high wattages; mind you, it holds up well even high wattages but tends to flatten out when heated and to lose the creamy notes.

In general, however, the goodness of vaping this product is ensured by a feeling of balance and naturalness not always easy to trace on the and-liquids market. It ‘my opinion that the arrival on the European scene of many brands of e-liquids overseas have a little’ changed our vaping attitudes. We are seeing more and more e-liquids so rich in flavor percentage and with less and less aromatic nuances and facets. But not always the best pasta dish is the one with more sauce …

With Caligula is instead the feeling of touch or better to enjoy to the full, breath after breath, all the nuances and the quality of ingredients used, the result of the creative wisdom of flavourist of Art & Science.

Caligula, the e-liquid with the name of a tyrant but so much so noble.

ico 4

Pro: a liquid very well thought where stands the high quality of the ingredients and the excellent blend of aromas.

Cons: It tends to flatten out a bit ‘in higher wattages.