E-liquid review: Nero Spagna (Art&Science) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 6041616

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% PG – 60% VG

Expiry date: 04-2019

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + NarDa RDA single coil 0,6 ohm (Kanthal A1 0,40 mm) with japanese organic cotton.

Very few days are for sale two new tobacco flavours by Art&Science ranging sit alongside Nero Colosseum presented to Vapitaly Verona last May. After previews of Caligula and Nero Pantheon today we close the triptych of a preview of reviews handled by The Flavourist telling you about Nero Spagna.

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What kind of tobacco e-liquid is Nero Spagna?

We have learned from the words of its creator, Dr. Francia, that it is, according to the canons of The Flavourist, a “classic tobacco” as Art & Science not produces tobacco e-liquids using extracts of tobacco leaves.

For information on the bottle and in general on the product packaging, I refer you to article Caligula.

The official presentation reads as follows:

An innovative idea by Doctor Francia.
A kind of “non-tobacco tobacco” that meets the favor of tobacco lovers, but also for those who prefer the creamy taste.
An e-premium gourmet liquid that unleash a thousand scents open to interpretation, but where reigns unchallenged the bitter-sweet of a DOC caramel.


The description also impels us towards an amiable and voluptuous nature of the product and in the confirmatory test olfactory effects the official words of the manufacturer.

A strong caramel aroma distinguishes this e-liquid in a total full context and round and surrounded by scents of vanilla background. But tobacco? The nose reveals a tobacco blonde soul but sufficiently remote to be able to fully share the words “tobacco or not tobacco.”

Unlike Nero Pantheon reviewed a few days ago, the aromatic structure of Nero Spagna is best known and most common in his sweet scent but also consequently more readily acceptable and appreciated by the average vaper. Caramel and vanilla are two ingredients that hardly did not meet the general public favors.


Breath and drops to NarDa and, therefore, we discover the Nero Spagna cards.

The first puffs confirm me than assumed so far: Nero Spagna is not a new e-liquid of its kind but it certainly is a very good e-liquid in its scope. We are talking about RY4: ever heard? Heheh …

Sure that almost all of The Flavourist readers know what a RY4, let me give some brief nod to new vaper and readers who recently read us. RY4 is the genesis of Vaping, e-liquid with which it all began back in 2004 thanks to the brilliant intuition of Eng. Hon Lik. RY4 is about to fourth liquid produced by Ruyan (almost certainly the first commercialized) that produced the first electronic cigarette ever. We do not know the original recipe dell’RY4 but we know that it is a e-liquid that had a tobacco base (synthetic) with notes of caramel and vanilla.


Art&Science today presents his personal interpretation of RY4 and does so with skill moving hinges on precise and balances: experience and knowledge of its flavourists in the service of raw materials of the highest level.

It comes out a permeated product at all stages of the vape session by a soft caramel cream of high aromatic intensity than that of a composite naturalness. This caramel cream are part of the glazes of delicate vanilla bourbon berries and, only in the exhalation phase, emerge tobacco notes reading but dry and slightly bitter in turn backed by a minimum substrate nutty (acetyl pyrazine?). The bouquet is in this composition, it blended very well, excellent balance and it all generates a swirl of scents that pursue and flow effortlessly, in an endless loop from which it is difficult to get out and do not want to get out.

The puffs can be deep and intense, from slow tasting but also compulsive and frequent supported by generous airiness of the atom. And this is a undisputed value for Nero Spagna, denoting an incredible stability in any condition and temperature of vaping and also shows a truly unique aromatic persistence, all centered, just as it is, on a tasty caramel flavor that stops sweet on the palate between a breath and the next that will …

ico 4

Pro: a noble reinterpretation of the most famous of the e-liquid

Cons: e-liquid is not new in its kind