Name: Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA (Vapefly) – Atomizer – received by the manufacturer

Type: RDTA atomizer (Rebuildable Dripping TanK Atomizer)

Colors: Black, Silver, BlueRainbow

Price: ~ € 35

The latest creation by Vapefly: Galaxies MTL RDTA with BF pin

Vapefly is a Chinese brand belonging to the big Geekvape family but operating completely independent. In recent times it has emerged in particular for some rebuildable MTL atomizers. Even the last work of Vapefly follow the successful line taken by the brand and promises to be a barn burner; it is a new version of the Galaxies and after the RDA and RTA versions now it’s time for the RDTA Squonk.

Let’s see closely the content of the product’s packaging. Please consider that we have received a sample version with serial number A0090, so the commercial version may differ slightly from that in our possession.


1 x Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA
1 x Spare glass tube
2 x Ni80 2.5mm 1ohm 26ga
1 x Cotton
1 x Drip Tip
1 x T-Tool
1 x BF Squonk Pin
1 x Spare O-ring kit

Galaxies squonk 2


The Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA, while clearly reproducing the design of its older brothers RDA and RTA, in my opinion is aesthetically much more appealing and pleasant, although it must be said that it does not differ from the classic look of an RDTA. The “stellar” decoration, just like in the chart of a galaxy, the dome-shaped top cap with heat dissipation fins and the drip tip shape undoubtedly confer to the atom an elegant and modern appearance.

The atomizer is made entirely of stainless steel (except of course for the glass section, the o-rings and the drip tip), the manufacturer did not provide information on the type of steel used. However, it’s impossible to not appreciate the excellent build quality of this product. The O-rings work perfectly with the steel parts, opposing the right resistance. This means that the air flow control is fluid and precise and that even the removal of the top cap (for refill operations or for a new building) and/or the replacement of the drip tip are easier than ever.

Galaxies squonk 1


Let’s have a look now at the main specifications of the atomizer before dwelling on some of its peculiarities.

Galaxies is a single coil atomizer with a diameter of 22.2 mm for a height (without drip tip) of 28.5 mm (with the longer black drip tip, the overall height is 48.5 mm). It weighs 40 gr and can contain 2 ml of e-liquid (TPD compliant). The two drip tips supplied, transparent and black, are respectively in PMMA and Delrin.

The disassembled atomizer consists of 5 parts: the ring base, the pyrex glass section, the deck, the top cap and the drip tip. The appearance of the deck and the solutions adopted are interesting. The main body is made of stainless steel, while the negative and positive posts (with a peek insulator) are 24K gold plated. The slots for the insertion of the coil legs are lateral and opposed; moreover, on the central part of each post there is an additional small allen key to regulate the lateral air flow. A solution that allows the coil to take advantage of an air flow not only from below (single 1.2 mm hole) but also from the sides, for a 360° all-round airflow with surround effect. On the deck we can see also two holes for the cotton filling, a small vent hole and, a very innovative solution, a floating valve for the e-liquid refill. It is a solution that not only adapts to any type of bottle beak, but above all it is anti-leakage, because once the refill is completed the valve closes returning to the initial top position.

Galaxies squonk 4 1

Taking a closer look at the top cap, we can see on the completely stainless steel structure 9 holes for the air regulation (6 holes on one side and 3 on the opposite side). The dimensions of the air holes are approximately as follows: 1.6 mm – 1.3 mm – 0.8 mm – 0.8 mm – 1.3 mm and 1.6 mm on the side with six holes and 0.8 mm – 1.3 mm and 1.6 mm on the side with three holes. The airflow control ring slides freely on an o-ring and with the appropriate combinations it’s possible to open only one or two opposite air inlets. If you add to these combinations the possibility of adjusting the lateral airflow from inside the deck, it is clear how the whole AFC system designed by Vapefly is really well thought out.

The outer upper part of the top cap is fitted with some steel heat dissipation rings, while the inner side has a lowered dome finish that, thanks to a particular process, is able to avoid condensation problems, because any excess liquid is returned to the cotton below.

The Galaxies MTL squonk RDTA is completed with two different drip tip: one in transparent resin, 11,5 mm high and with a hole of about 3 mm, and a second one in black delrin, about 15 mm high and with a hole of about 2 mm.

galaxies squonk parts


The installation of the coil inside the deck is very simple for anyone who is quite familiar with the rebuildable systems. The coil legs in opposite positions are perfectly housed in the corresponding slots and once the small allen screws are tightened, everything will be perfectly centered on the deck. Instead, some more attention should be give to the cotton preparation, as the cotton tails must be inserted into the two wick holes on the deck making sure the cotton (remember to wiggle it a bit and make it foamy) does not fill the holes completely. In order to soak the whole cotton strip at best, we recommend to cut the tails through the wick holes not more than half the height of the glass. For our tests, which will be mentioned soon, we used the brand new Vapefly Firebolt Cotton kindly provided by the manufacturer.

Thanks to the solution designed by Vapefly, refilling is extremely simple and “clean”. The floating valve opens simply by pressing it with the bottle spout to let the liquid flow and it will automatically close again, returning to its position as soon as the filling is completed.

Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDTA build deck2 e1533978946914


This is the moment of truth … Because an atomizer is nothing without an adequate performance and above all without an optimal yield in terms of aroma. It could also be the most innovative and best-built atom on the market, but if it does not pass the flavour test it will soon be forgotten.

So let’s check the performances of the Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA. After the tests made by the English and American friends with sweet and creamy e-liquids, as good Italians we decided to test the atomizer in bottom feeder with extracted tobacco e-liquids and a rather tight mouth to lung draw.

The performances of this Galaxies are in one word excellent in all respects. The draw is very silent and above all extremely fluid and linear. If the lateral air flow is not completely open (just rotate the screw for 3/4 of a turn) further improves the aromatic perception, making the puffs more harmonious. With the black delrin drip tip we have noticed some condensation problems, while with the transparent resin tip, shorter and with a wider internal section, the puff is simply perfect. However, we would like to say that a few millimeters more to this last tip would have been useful because, although penalizing the aesthetic appeal, this could have avoided that the lips come in contact with the top cap.

Through the tests carried out by our team, the Galaxies produces a moderately dry and full-bodied steam and enhances the aromatic notes of a wide range of extracted tobaccos. It’s superlative with the flavored ones but equally good with single tobaccos and tobacco blends, both light and dark. Maybe many vapers will have divergent opinions and may assert that this atomizer is valid only with some particular e-liquids, but we have no doubt in asserting that this is a product with a probably unmatched versatility.

galaxies squonk filling 2


The younger brother of the already successful Galaxies series by Vapefly is, in our opinion, the best in the family. Aesthetically nicer and tidy, of excellent build quality and most important with performances that are as good as more expensive products. The Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA is not only very versatile, thanks to its efficient and functional AFC system, but it provides incredible aromatic performances and with different types of e-liquids. Finally, its highly competitive price makes it a product that we believe cannot be missing in your MTL atomizer fleet. Try it, it won’t disappoint you!

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Recommended to: skilled e hardcore vapers.