E-liquid review: Nash (NBV – Puff)

Declared base: 80vg/20pgNicotine: 3mg/ml (0,3%)

Batch: N/A

Best before: N/A

Origen Dripper VC coil 0.5 cotton wick Muji; Origen Dripper V3 coil 0.7 mesh 325 super fine (both tested on mechanical tube MCS and vw Radius)


After a series of reviews dedicated to foreign liquids and American “salads”, we get back to Italy, where the high end e-liquid scenario is seriously getting more and more room and producers are really undertaking their work to create exceptional liquids in their simplicity.
Not by chance today I’m reviewing one of these: NASH by NBV (Natural Born Vapers) produced and distributed by the all-Italian brand Puff. The entire NBV range is made, at the moment, by three liquids: Nash, Knox and Mallory, with a clear reference, in any sense, to the cult movie Natural Born Killers, where we remember the main characters Mickey Knox and his girlfriend Mallory, while Nash is one of the policemen killed by Mickey in the film (small digression for cinema lovers…). But let’s see the product in detail. 40ml bottle with a label covering almost the entire surface, on which we find in huge characters the name of the range NBV, and just below the name of the liquid. On label sides, we can find all the informations we need about this product, from its composition to security alerts, in short anything we need to know for the traceability of the product. Just the tactile warning triangle is missing, but I see, on the bottle I have with me, a small worn circle, as if there was something on it but went lost, then I have the reason to believe that the triangle used to be there, on the right side of the label.

Finally, after boring you with this chat about the label and the rest, we are going to see what this Nash can offer. The producer indicates a pistachio ice-cream, and we’ll see if the promise has been kept.

At first taste, on a specially-prepared cotton wick, we can find the pistachio and with it an incredible feeling of cream/vanilla/ice-cream which in spite of everything doesn’t get covered by the delicate pistachio flavour. The ingredients are very well blended and even though pistachio is, in my opinion, one of the hardest ingredients to put in a creamy recipe, in here we actually find the exact balance between ice-cream notes and (of course) vanilla. Globally and well enhanced by the cotton wick, the product is no less exceptional, as on the exhale we don’t just feel the sweet aftertaste, but a well consistent pistachio flavour, of which its only aim is to induce the vaper to puff again.

While it’s different on mesh, which unfortunately doesn’t make the product shine as it should, but it’s obvious that it’s definitely not a mesh-friendly product. Essentially for tasting, maybe accompanied by a dessert, or a good espresso, it’s the ideal after-dinner liquid, absolutely perfect with a tonic liquor.

In the end we always look for the good European or American liquid, but apparently Italians can absolutely brag about their range of high-quality products, then we have nothing to envy the ultra famous liquids in the international market.

ico 5

Pros: a delicious pistachio paired with an amazing ice cream flavour…

Cons: … 40ml aren’t just enough.