Name: Pixie RDA (Vapefly) – Atomizer – received by the manufacturer

Type: RDA atomizer (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

Colors: Black, Silver, GoldRainbow, Gun Metal

Price: ~ € 25

New Vapefly atomizer: Pixie RDA with BF pin

It is impressive to note the speed with which Asian manufacturers are able to create and introduce new atomizers on the vaping market. Almost daily we observe the presentation of RDA, RTA, RDTA, which aim to conquer the heart and especially the palate of new vapers spread all over the world. Infact the feature that unites all these products, is that they are basically intended for the audience of newbie vapers, being atomizers very easy to rebuild and above all their absolutely affordable cost.

This is the case of the Pixie RDA, the new atomizer produced by Vapefly which we will talk about in this article. The Chinese company, which belongs to the great family of Geekvape, has in recent times been successful with the series of its Galaxies atomizers; will the Pixie RDA also be able to replicate the fortunes of its predecessors?

Let’s start by seeing closely the contents of the product packaging, of which we received a silver version with serial A2637.


1 x Pixie RDA
1 x BF Squonk Pin
2 x Hex Screws
2 x Drivers
2 x Vapefly Firebolt Cotton
2 x 0.35Ω NI80 Coils
1 x User manual
1 x Spare O-ring kit

Pixie RDA


The Pixie RDA is a 22 mm dripper, designed by the philippine vaper Ferdinand Factor, and honestly does not differ much from the aesthetic point of view by the vast majority of products currently on the market. Pixie has simple and pleasing lines, although it must be said that, the stylistic choice of the font used for the name of the atom, is for our tastes somewhat questionable: a baroque style absolutely illegible that jars no little with the linear design of the product .

From the constructive point of view, the atomizer was made entirely of stainless steel (we are not aware of the type of steel used), except the top part of the top cap that has a heat dissipation in delrin, on which the drip tip, also in delrin, is inserted. The two pin 510 supplied instead are both gold-plated. The build quality is good and in our opinion in the average of entry-level Asian products, but perhaps a step lower than the various Galaxies that preceded it. The mechanical seal and resistance exerted by the o-rings is good and on our model we did not find the hardness problem of the o-rings of the drip-tip complained by some reviewers. The air flow control is very fluid and precise and even the removal of the top cap is quite easy.

Vapefly Pixie RDA


The Pixie RDA is a super compact dripping atomizer rather tiny, not surprisingly it was called “Pixie”. Its diameter is 22 mm, for a height of 24 mm and a total weight that does not exceed 23 gr. Have you ever seen something smaller and lighter?

The atomizer completely disassembled of 4 parts, the deck, the middle cap, the top cap and the drip tip. The deck is a classic dual post (positive with insulator in peek) quite spacious with the presence of two lateral notch to support the tab with the coil, to facilitate the insertion and correct positioning. It is an effective and widely used solution in many other latest generation atomizers. Inside the deck, in the central part can be seen the projection of the pin, which in the BF solution has two small lateral holes for a uniform distribution of the liquid towards the two cotton ends. On the outside, however, the pin protrudes about 1 mm compared to the 510 attack, thus making the use of the dripper comfortable and quite safe even on mechanical mods.

Turning to the observation of the middle cap, we note that externally it is equipped with an o-ring for the insertion of the top cap and the consequent regulation of the air, while inside it has two small projections that guide its correct insertion and positioning on the deck. On the front of the middle cap in correspondence of the name “Pixie” there is the slot that houses the plug in peek (there are two supplied) for the control airflow. The airflow management is well done because both plugs (single large hole and three small holes) have been built in such a way as to direct air flow from top to bottom, to prevent leakage in case of over squonking or over dripping.

Vapefly Pixie RDA 02 e1544169803713

Moving higher we pass to observe the top cap which is equipped with two slots for the choice of the level of airiness: a large buttonhole that will allow you to use the Pixie in a more airy configuration, and a smaller one a single dot AF. In the latter case, the Pixie will be used as a real MTL atomizer ore better as restricted direct to lung draw.

We close the analysis of the characteristics of the Pixie observing the black 510 drip tip in delrin that is very minute: it is 6 mm high, has a diameter of about 12 mm and a diameter hole about 6 mm.

pixie RDA structure


Place the coil inside the deck and then insert the cotton is an operation with disarming ease! This is why Pixie has been specially designed and studied for beginners vapers who want to start getting comfortable with a rebuildable system. The coil legs, also thanks to the side notch on the deck, will easily find accommodation in the corresponding slots and once the small allen screws are tightened, everything will be perfectly centered on the deck. It’s quite simple to insert the cotton in the large deck. In addition, using the Firebolt cotton produced and supplied by Vapefly, it will be impossible to mistake the thickness of the same, since it is ready to be inserted into 3 mm diameter coils.

Vapefly Pixie RDA deck pin


We decided to test the Pixie RDA in squonk configuration because we believe it is the most intelligent use for a 22 mm atomizer that, although equipped with a sufficiently large deck, in dripping has a limited autonomy, especially when used with the completely open airflow.

The performances of Pixie are very variable and strongly dependent on the coil that will be decided to use. In our opinion, the coils supplied by the manufacturer in Ni80 by 0.35 ohm, do not allow the Pixie to express itself at its best, imposing to the vaper medium-high wattages (40-50 watts) that will tend to heat too much the atom and the vapor with a consequent and the inevitable fall of the aromatic yield.

Everything changes if instead we opt for more “human” and simple coils. For example, we found it very satisfying by constructing a 3 mm spaced coil of Kanthal A1 24 awg. The result was a 0.5 ohm coil which made the performance of the atom satisfactory in a range between 20 and 30 watts, giving us a full-bodied vape with abundant steam production with balanced temperature and never too hot and with an amazing aromatic yield. We are obviously talking about flavor chasing, or to use a trendy term, of restricted flavor chasing.

Even the drip tip supplied, although from an aesthetic point of view matches well with the atomizer, has not fully satisfied us. The reasons lie in the fact that on the one hand tends to return a steam a bit too hot and the other hand being very low, forces the vaper to touch with his lips the body of the atomizer. This is why we believe that it would have been advisable to insert a second drip tip into the packaging, perhaps even with a less appealing but more functional and comfortable design for the puff.



The Pixie RDA by Vapefly is a product that, in our opinion, surpasses sufficiency, without proposing any technical innovation worthy of note. It is part of an entry-level market that is teeming with products that are all very similar to each other. Its highly competitive price, together with the incredible ease of building and convincing performances provided that adequate coil is achieved, makes it a very attractive product for the so-called beginners and why not even the most expert vapers that could choose to use it as a pocket-sized dripper, very friendly for a “travel” use.

Recommended to: newbie and skilled vapers.