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Today I return to talk about the Extreme 4 Pod Line by La Tabaccheria, already awarded as the 2020 best tobacco line in the “For Pod Tobacco E-liquids” category, is enriched with seven new flavors to confirm its leadership in the field of tobacco extracts for non-rebuildable systems. and therefore to maintain the scepter won last year in the Vape Italian Tobacco Awards by The Flavourist team.

For those who are not aware, we report what the manufacturer itself says about this line: “The Extreme 4Pod Line was born, as mentioned, taking our selective purification technique to the extreme, so we consider it to be a SPIN-OFF of the mother line, the Organic 4Pod Line. The Extreme 4Pod Line somewhat overturns the balance, creating a tobacco flavour which tends to intensify and emphasize some of the main attributes of that specific tobacco, while positively twisting others, for example a Latakia turns out to be sweetish, soft, incense-flavoured and suitable for everyone.

Wondering what to expect from the Extreme 4Pod Line? Each of these products is characterized by the typical perfumes of the authentic tobacco of reference, whereas when vaping them they turn out to be really smooth and velvety, losing every “hard-edged” nuance of taste and becoming the perfect products for those who love the taste of tobacco and are willing to use it with entry-level system (but non only!), going beyond the – already incredible – duration values of the Organic 4Pod line.”

With the arrival of the new Extreme 4 Pod aromas, this line by La Tabaccheria currently has a total of 19 aromas!

La Tabaccheria Etichetta Aroma English Misture linea Le Miscele Barrique


The aroma that I will review for you today is the White English Mixture that the manufacturer describes as follows:

Our White English Mixture from the Extreme 4Pod Line is the ideal product for those who want an extremely clean version of our classic blend of tobacco extracts, perfect for non-rebuildable systems and pod mods.

The White English Mixture is in fact completely transparent, and this will guarantee to make your coils last even more than with our Organic 4Pod Line.

La Tabaccheria Orlando D'Alessandro


Before starting as usual with the olfactory analysis of the product, I want to focus briefly on the concept of English Mixture and its origins. The English blends were born in the United Kingdom as a direct consequence of the Tobacco Purity Laws which up to 1986 sanctioned the ban on the use of aromatic additives or external flavoring agents in tobacco blends.

So while all over the world many companies were producing tobacco (pipe) flavored with vanilla, rum, cherries and so on, in the United Kingdom the tobacco companies began to create a pipe blend using tobaccos able to provide the highest possible aromatic contribution, as for example the Latakia tobacco and the Perique which were added in more or less accentuated percentages to the traditional Virginia and Oriental. These historical facts led to the definition of English Blend as a mixture of pipe tobacco containing Virginia, Oriental, Latakia and Perique tobacco.

On the smell, the White English Mixture duly prepared and ready to be vaped shortly, shows all the swagger of Latakia tobacco that dominates the scene hiding the other tobaccos in the blend, and which outlines the type of liquid and vape that awaits me. An english blend by definition belongs to the category of the so-called strong and dark tobacco blends, both as regards the vape and as regards the world of the pipe. And in the vape precisely an English mixture proposes with incredible fidelity all or almost all the sensory experiences related to the world of the analog pipe.

La Tabaccheria Aroma White English Mixture Boccetta 60 ml


Devices: Vaporesso Luxe PM40 GTX coil 1.20 ohm + BD Vape Precisio MTL RTA 1.00 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 AWG) with Fiber N’ Cotton.

    vaporesso luxe pm40 pod mod    BD Vape Precisio RTA MTL

For the vape test I decided to use a non-regenerable system in my opinion very valid, the Luxe PM40 by Vaporesso and a simple rebuildable atomizer but with excellent performance, the Precisio by BD Vape.

On vape, White English Mixture is a very structured blend in which Latakia plays the role of the leading actor, but optimally flanked by a cast of exceptional skill. As a film lover, I often like to use the terminology of the seventh art world and imagine the tobaccos in a blend as the set of all the actors hired to shoot the scenes of a Hollywood film.

In the White English Mixture, if Latakia is undoubtedly the main star of the whole opera, always at the forefront and easily recognizable for its important stage presence, oriental tobaccos and Virginia play a fundamental supporting role, able to guarantee completeness and complexity to the entire bouquet.

English Mixture origini

The Latakia “pushes” on the scene with its decisive smoky notes and all its woodiness, the Oriental give breath to the whole set and dialogues with Latakia with lively and spicy accents. The Virginia finally enters with sweeter and softer beats, with the intent to curb the excesses of Latakia, and to give the right detachment and balance to each scene ops puff.

Many of you will now ask: is it different from the English Mixture aroma from the “Le miscele barrique” line? How far is it from the original?

It is undeniable that there are differences between the two aromas, all of which can be traced in a clearer perception of the nuances and individual characteristics of the tobaccos in the blend; it is equally true however that, in the impossibility of vaping the two e-liquids at the same time on the same identical system, it will be very difficult to distinguish one from the other. Seeing is believing.

Miscela Englis Blend per pipa



A complex tobacco bouquet, very structured and with smoky and strong characteristics? Quite simply White English Mixture which in addition has all the practicality of a transparent organic tobacco that basically is absolutely super coil friendly…

White English Mixture is an aroma with priceless qualities. From the brilliant mind of the father of La Tabaccheria, Orlando D’Alessandro, comes another White Extreme for Pod aroma that not only enriches the Roman company’s transparent range, but which probably leads the tobacco e-liquid bar pod to an impassable limit. Do you think he exaggerated?

Judge it for yourself by trying this White English Mixture or even this other NEW AROMA by the Roman company…

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Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape

The Flavourist voto 5

Pro: All the best of a real English mixture in a transparent and gentle liquid on the coils. Yummy and super practical.


La Tabaccheria Logo nuovo 2021

Name and Format: White English Mixture (La Tabaccheria) – Concentrated flavour 20 ml

Batch: 182/0221

Expiry Date: n.a.