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Name and Format: Virginia n.7 (T-Svapo) – E-liquid 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 200206

Nico: 4.5 mg/ml

Used Base: 47.5 PG / 47.5 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 02/2022

Devices: Aspire Mulus 80 W with Aspire coil 0,7 ohm + Vaporesso Target PM80 SE with GTX coil 0,8 ohm

Within the vast world of e-liquids for vaping, a role of great importance is played by classic or synthetic tobacco e-liquids, that although they do not come from organic raw materials (tobacco leaves), manage to restore an aromatic sensation able to trace more or less well the analogue experience of the traditional cigarette.

Among the different flavors on the market, the Virginia tobacco taste is certainly the best-selling one, first of all because almost all cigarettes on the market are made mainly with this tobacco, and secondly because it is a sweet taste, undemanding and ideal to accompany the vaper worthily throughout a whole day.

Therefore today I am dealing with the review of the Virginia made by the italian company T-Svapo, one of the longest-lived on the Italian vaping manufacturing scene.

The range of T-Svapo products is really very wide, both for the flavors offered and for the formats, ranging from the classic concentrated aroma in 10 ml bottles, to Mix & Vape e-liquids, to shot aromas to end with the classic ready to vape e-liquids. As already seen in the case of the reviews of Jazz cremoso n.8 and Syria n.5, the packaging of the product appears particularly pleasant and original, as well as complete and perfect from an informative point of view, but also very suggestive with a smoked e-liquid bottle.

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Directly from the official website of T-Svapo, I report below the description of Virginia n.7:

Tutti i profumi della caratteristica flora Americana.

All the scents of the characteristic American flora.


Virginia by T-Svapo shows a pleasant and never too marked aromatic impact on the smell, even if do not escape the nose the typical acidulous insertions that distinguish most of the synthetic Virginia on the market. In nature, Virginia tobacco is characterized by its straw-yellow imprint and a somewhat sweetish vegetable note in the background, in the same way this interpretation by T-Svapo succeeds rather in this test in order to emulate the most typical features of the most widespread tobacco leaf on the planet.

I prepare myself for the vape test in the hope of being able to find a lovable tobacco product also in vaporization, a perfect tobacco for long vaping sessions.

Aspire mulus pod kit  Vaporesso Target PM80

For the vape test I used two pod systems of undisputed value and excellent performance, the Aspire Mulus and the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE, taking care to equip both devices with coils suitable for a classic MTL vape.


On vape Virginia substantially confirms the smell perceptions, revealing itself on the palate with good aromatic intensity and an “objectively” pleasant taste able to put everyone in agreement. I deliberately quoted the adverb objectively, well aware of the fact that in vaping as in food or in many other sectors, personal taste is a more subjective matter than ever, but in this circumstance I wanted to convey the idea that this e-liquid it has an aromatic structure so round and enveloping that it is unlikely that it will fail to breach the palate of vapers.

Virginia Tobacco Barn

The initial phase of the puff is characterized by a sweet and slightly perfumed background that emulates the vegetal structure of virginia tobacco with a certain elegance. The vape is light and delicate, there are no overbearing aromatic cues and therefore it is easy to appreciate it precisely for its simplicity. A vape that never tires.

The sweet and vegetal base is flanked in the heart of the puff by subtle acidic insertions (the same smelled in the smell test) which contribute to enrich its structural system, giving a sort of straw-yellow sensation to this tobacco creation.

perfetta ambientazione per il packaging di Virginia by T-Svapo (foto by photokappa)

My taste buds appreciate this sensation, which is also typical for this kind of synthetic tobacco, but I am pleased to note that in the case of T-Svapo’s Virginia, it has not been used improperly and excessively, on the contrary here the sour-straw-yellow touch it is light and elegant.

The puff is light, sweet and round until exhalation, when a subtle scented trail with a distant chocolatey memory peeps out on the palate, worthily signing a composition with admirable soft tones, with lovingly feminine features. It is precisely these peculiarities that, together with its extreme cleanliness, make T-Svapo’s Virginia a total all day e-juice, a moderate and ideal friend for the whole day.

ico 4

Pro: Sweet and very clean classic tobacco. An excellent all day entry level e-juice

Cons: It is not a new recipe

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